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Groovin Grown Ups 

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Groovin Grown Ups is a dance exercise class for parents and guardians to take time for themselves, have fun and interact with others that you can bring your children along to- no need to find childcare. 

Class details 

PLEASE NOTE due to COVID-19 restrictions classes are currently on hold. Please register your interest here for classes and we will let you know when they will return. 


East Malling Village Hall - 11am to 11.45 am 

Suitable for parents and guardians with babies and children age 6 weeks to 5 years. No previous experience required.

All classes must be booked in advance - £5 per session. You will also be able to book a block of sessions for each term, if you book 4 or more classes in one block you will benefit from a discounted rate (see booking page for details) 


The class is 45 minutes long, with 35 minutes of dance activity for the grown ups. For the last 10 minutes parents and guardians will join together with their child to sing and move to nursery rhymes and children's songs, giving you time to bond with your child. 

The class is a dance based exercise class that uses a variety of different dance styles. It gives you as the parent/guardian the chance to do something for yourself, get active and have fun.

The children can either join in or play at one of the organised 'play areas' within the hall. Babies are welcome to stay in their pushchair or car seat or sit/lay in front of you so you can interact with them as you have fun. 



Groovin Grown Ups is suitable for all levels and abilities and you can take it at your own pace. Each class will consist of a full warm up to prepare you for exercise, dance movement to a variety of music which varies each week, stretch exercises and a cool down activity. 

It is a very relaxed class, so if you need to breast or bottle feed or change your baby, take your little ones to the toilet or use a potty, entertain them, play or give them a cuddle you can. Just go with the flow! 

Once the grown ups have had some exercise, you will get together with your little one and sing and move to children's songs and nursery rhymes completed with bubbles and a boogie! 

Wear anything which is comfortable to exercise in (i.e. Leggings, joggers, t-shirt, trainers, plimsoles etc) And bring water! 

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