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Thank you for your interest in our classes. Please complete the form below to register your interest for the return to IN HALL classes. Please also scroll down to find our COVID-19 safety information. 

Register your interest 

To register your interest, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Which session are you interested in attending? (if you are interested in more than one class please leave a comment in the box below)
Please read the COVID-19 safety information below and tick to agree:

COVID -19 Safety information 

Due to COVID-19 addition safety measures/ adjustments and risk assessments have been carried out to make our classes safe and COVID complient. We want you to feel comfortable within the classes and make the class fun and enjoyable for both you and your child. 

- Additional risk assessments have been carried out both by the Venues and by Make it Groovy. If you would like to see a copy of our risk assessment please let us know 

-  I have gained a Certificate in Infection Control for Children's Activity Providers which covers COVID-19 and other infections (7th August 2020) 

- All equipment will be thoroughly cleaned adhering to the COVID-19 guidance before and after every class and surfaces will be wiped down during classes

- Each family will have their own craft equipment on their own table which will be 2 meters away from the next table. This will be in a sealed container and will be cleaned thoroughly between uses. The children will also be provided with a santitised musical instrument for them to use in the class. 

- Each family will be given a 'space' to use during dance activities which will be marked out clearly. These will be spaced 2m apart from each other. The teacher will remind both children and parents to stick to their mat, however it is the responsibility of the parent to ensure social distancing is maintained. 

- All parents/guardians will be expected to wear face masks as per government guidelines (As of 8th August 2020). These will be mandatory throughout the session, except when the adult is actively taking part in dance activities and exercising themselves. 

- All children and adults will be asked to use the provided hand sanitiser or wash their hands when entering the class, after the craft activity and when exiting the class. Tissues will also be provided to promote 'Catch it, Bin it, Kill it' if needed.  

- Classes must be booked in advance. If a class is cancelled you will be offered a refund or your booking can be transferred to a future class. 

- There will be a one way system in and out of the venue which will be clearly signed. There will also be a one family only policy when using the toilets and antibacterial wipes provided to wipe down surfaces after use. 

- Your registration details will be kept on file for 21 days as part of the NHS track and trace system. 

If you have any questions please get in touch. 

Many Thanks



Make it Groovy 

23rd August 2020

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