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Please read the COVID safety information below before booking. We also have some classes available online.  


In hall classes - £6.50 (1 adult & 1 Child) per session, £3.50 for siblings (siblings under 12 months go free) OR discount for term booking. 

Recorded Online classes - £2.50 per session, 5 for £10 or all 11 for £16. 

COVID -19 Safety information 

Due to COVID-19 addition safety measures/ adjustments and risk assessments have been carried out to make our classes safe and COVID compliant

- All equipment will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised adhering to the COVID-19 guidance before and after every class

- Each family will have their own craft equipment on their own table which will be 2 meters away from the next table. The children will also be provided with a sanitised musical instrument and props for them to use in the class. 

- Each family will be given a 'space' to use during dance activities which will be marked out clearly. These will be spaced out to help aid social distancing. 

- All parents/guardians will be expected to wear face masks as per current government guidelines. 

- All children and adults will be asked to use the provided hand sanitiser or wash their hands when entering the class.

- Classes must be booked in advance via our booking system. If a class is cancelled you will be offered to transfer your booking to a future class. 

-  I have gained a Certificate in Infection Control for Children's Activity Providers which covers COVID-19 and other infections (7th August 2020) 

If you have any questions please get in touch. 

Many Thanks



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25th March 2021